.......HUMANGASM WAVE for EARTH DAY........

Harmony in your surroundings starts within you.

Every one of us exists because of Man-Made Environments.

Any Human who does not, ain't readin' this.

So, let's remove the rancorous cacophany from our every thought, and start an
Earth Day Humangasm Wave that continues to encircle the planet forever.

Here's the plan...starting right now...until forever...

Every day, at exactly 4:00 PM, no matter where you may be, exhale a huge, exaltative, Anthropogenic CO2 saturated breath.

That way, with time zones figgered in, the Humangasm Wave will ripple through Earth's Atmosphere...in a snowball effect...from East to West...ad infinitum.

The US Eastern Time Zone will have the greatest disharmony in the early days.

Out over the Mid-Pacific, there will be little or nothing added as the wave dissipates...with one little joy blip over Hawaii.

The flattened wave will reach The Pacific Rim with little, or no oomph.

Then, with half Earth's Human population in reach, things will pick up again.

The wave will blend and flow...eventually engulfing us all in a surge of perpetual good feelings...even NYC and DC will soon be humming along smoothly...feeling the cumulative vibe from each and every Humangasm as it tickles even the hardest hearted m'fer alive.

Plus...it wouldn't surprise me to learn that all the Genuine Humangasm Generated ACO2 scours the upper atmosphere, and precipitates back down to Earth...greening things up the Man-Made way.

That's how we make the whole shebang into one big, happy Anthropogenic Environment.

Exhale for all you are worth...then Forge Ahead!