There are so many crises facing us as we Go Global that I’m just gonna lump ‘em all into the Global Crisis Crisis

If your life has recently been affected by any headline containing the word Crisis, you are being Globalized.

Get used to these sensations...they are not going to go away.

Long term investments in the Earth Mall are going to pay off, even if we have to encapsulated the Planet in an Anthropogenic Shield.

Right now, financial speculators, with big time, Earth altering plans, are vying for political clout in The Climate Crisis.

Reports you see and hear regarding today’s Climate Crisis have little to do with concerns over ACO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Images of noxious fumes billowing into the air, with rundown residential housing in the background, are as predictably alluring as a car crash.

We always look...stimulating every Kodak Moment/Generic Emotion in us...every time.

Give this a second thought, realize that the noxious images are part of a smoke screen, and Forge Ahead!


Any American Male born between the end of WWII, and 1950 automatically qualifies as SYOG.

It's all about attitude, common experience, and a sneaking suspicion that something's amiss.

If you are one, you know it.

If you aren't, it's the guys with that 'Deer in the Headlights' look, scurrying about wildly trying to fulfill what's left of The Dream.


Not gonna happen, Fellas.

Not only is The Dream dissipating at an alarming rate, we are leaving behind the biggest mess in History.

I say, give it all to the Kids...they gotta live with what happens!


Boycott any product clearly aimed at us...from anything marketed by Dennis Hopper ( the Ad Game's prototypical SYOG ), to any Enviro Pitch made by another SYOG ( Algore is leading that pack, but Dubbya, Slick Willie, et al will also have their say ).

To begin...don't buy any piss controlling, boner building, or hair restoring medications, any furnishings or gadgets with ads featuring us sucking down a brewskie, sitting before the ( also boycotted ) big screen, watching endless re-runs of some long forgotten Super Bowl...continue to drive whatever you have...and cancel your season tickets to everything and anything.

You get the idea.

While this may seem extreme, it will last a very short time...just until everyone realizes that we are serious...then...suddenly...everything on Earth will change.

Without our $$$ Input...the wheels fall off The New Economic Imperative.

There's a lot riding on us to spend as predicted.

We are the most cleary targeted, totally predictable audience ever.

Our needs and desires have been demographically tracked and test-triggered by marketeers since Davy Crockett and Elvis were newcomers.

The marketeers know what we want...they told us what it would be in advance...after studying what we fell for as Kids...clever devils, eh?

Imagine turning it all around, and using the power to improve the lives of our children and those yet born...by simply going without the new Barcalounger for a few more months...and telling everyone who'll listen why you are doing it!

Making the wheels fall off completely is much more effective than squeaking them for attention.

Once this is established, we'll present our offering to the Kids...and hope they buy it...for everyone's sake.

Don't worry...I have this covered...just get into it for a while.

Our prospects will improve rapidly...and the Barcalounger will soon be in the Discount Warehouse, next to the Big Screen...with FREE BEER and munchies, served by roller skating Car Hops, while we shop.


contact... smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste

More to follow... stay tuned...