So far, my favorite effect is the emergence of young Eco-Nazis.

A bunch of SYOG ( sixty year old guys ) get together and decide they ain't missin' out on the Big Screen, Barcalounger, Ball and Claw Bathtub with a four hour boner experience.

And when it's time to run for Heineken, do it in the Escalade.

Somebody else is going to have to deal with the mess we're leaving behind.

SYOG invent Eco-Nazis...Youthful EnviroSpouters in Tye Dye...

Once the idea took hold, devising and executing a plan was simple.

Use Toons and Tunes, combined with frenetic images of Doom and Gloom to get the attention of young people.

Scare the livin' B'Jaysus out of 'em with alarming images of Earth in the balance...knowing that these young Folks are already "Image Conditioned".

They've received a steady diet of apoplectic neurospam* since they first opened their eyes.

Somehow, somewhere, in that deepest Aboriginal place, young people realize the mess, while not their fault, is certainly their problem...but, they are so easily programmed, that getting them to all flounder together so SYOG can fulfill their peurile fantasies, has been a piece of cake...so far...


*NOTE...I just googled 'apoplectic neurospam'...nothing there...coined right here...on the fly...this is getting good...stay tuned...

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