............CLIMATE CRISIS JOURNALISM............

The Climate of the Country becomes more threatening with every breath.

There is no more Westward Ho the Wagons.

Our environment stinks, all the good stuff is gone, and we can't just pick up and move on...there's no way out...and no place to go.

"It's gettin' right crowded 'round these here parts, don'tcha think?"

The USofA, a Frontier Nation, has run out of Frontier.


It's not much of a stretch to envision the connection between today's much touted Anthropogenically Generated Atmospheric Climate Crisis and the aforementioned National Malaise.

With nowhere to go, we must improve the local climate, or perish.


Since time began, Humans have resorted to doom and gloom scenarios, all manner of scare tactics, and ultimately, the threat of annihilation to gain control in serious situations.

The situation we are in must be serious, because we are being inundated by all of the above at every moment.

Take note of who stands to gain the most from this course of events.

Today's Climate Crisis Mentality will lead to great profits for Energy Speculators, and perpetuate the mess because we are continuing with the good old...'react/respond until something sticks'...technique.

That's what got us into this mess.

Think NOLA/Katrina when considering crisis solutions proposed by today's Promoters, Pols, and Pundits.

NOTE... click here for Climate Crisis Genesis...the how and why it all began...everything will be clearer after you've seen it.