Welcome to Climate Crisis Journalism...a necessary evil of our time...

Make no mistake about this...

THE ENVIRONMENT GAME is neither refuting, denying, nor encouraging The Climate Crisis in any way, shape, or form.

We are facing so many Global Crises right now, that The Climate Crisis, as promoted...with Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide as the primary villain...is way down the list of problems facing Humanity.

Yet every Nation on Earth is working overtime to deal with the issue.

ACO2 is convenient, easily portrayed, and somewhat understandable to most.

Sulfur Dioxide, Gassified Heavy Metals of all sorts, and the pure, unequivocal filth pumped into Earth's Atmosphere by all manner of Petro Chem/Coal fueled production facilities, and the industries they support, all over the Globe, every moment of every day, are much more immediately dangerous.

But...neither Algore, Richard Branson, nor any of those who have jumped on the Climate Bandwagon in recent months can discuss or explain these dangers, because they do not know the first thing about their subject...except that there is $$$ to be made by creating a fear driven need for what they are pitching.

We are in a serious mess.

Wasting time pointing fingers and laying blame for all the ACO2 is flat out stupid.

Wake up!

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