Think of the film with Danny DeVito selling Aluminum Siding.

If you've never seen TIN MEN, picture some early sixties, lounge-lizard type from Baltimore, sitting in your home, peddling the newly emerging technology of Lifetime Aluminum Siding.

We all know how well that worked out.

Now apply your sleazeball vision to those peddling The Climate Crisis as an excuse for developing all sorts of ridiculous 'emerging technologies', in an effort to Save Planet Earth.

The con in both cases being...things are desperate...everyone's gotta get new everything...immediately...at all cost.

Take a deep breath...exhale voluminously...roar a little if it helps...have yourself a HUMANGASM and stick around.

We're gonna get to the root of the problem, by presenting Climate News in an objective fashion.

For starters, Planet Earth is in absolute zero danger from our actions.

We are in danger from our actions.

Our niche is threatened with so many crises, from so many directions, that heads are spinning all over the planet.

I call it The Global Crisis Crisis.


For now, let's stick to my favorite topic... Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide (ACO2)

Oh, yeah...every breath of Hot Air spewed by every agenda driven Politician, Promoter, and Pooh-Bahh blathering about The Climate Crisis creates more ACO2.


Western Civilization is under attack from every direction, while Algorites train youthful EcoNazis to rat out their parents for using hot water in the laundry.


It's all in the game...THE ENVIRONMENT GAME...hang on...we're gettin' there...


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