...is the best thing that has ever happened.

It is going to prove, once and for all, that Humans can be led to muddied water, but cannot be forced to drink.

resolving THE CLIMATE CRISIS in a nutshell...

We have recently developed all sorts of nifty gadgets for examining our environment, recording our findings, and prognosticating ad infinitum.

As always, these gadgets have to pay, or they fall by the wayside.

MEMO...Algore's desk...a few years ago...

"Let's use the New Tech to frighten the populace into listening to our blather about Man's effect on Earth's Environment...always stressing the negative.

This will polarize and confuse everyone.

Countless new industries will spring up around the ensuing conflict.

Resulting in all sides needing our input to carry on...making the New Tech indispensable."

THE CLIMATE CRISIS is a marketing scam.

Unfortunately, it plays off many very real Global Crises, and will result in far reaching, poorly thought out, long lasting effects.

This should not be ignored.

Panicked reactions and responses always leave things worse, until solutions for the screw ups are devised...etc...etc.

It's always been our way.

Same ol', same ol'...new boss, same as the old boss...you know the way it is.

Humans have altered the environment to suit since day one.

Those who adapt to the altered surroundings flourish.

We are all the product of altered surroundings.

It's way too late to go back.

We do have the ability to change the same ol', same ol' act...if we so choose.


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