Environmental Issues are all part of the Natural Course of Events.

If they weren't, they wouldn't happen...they couldn't happen.

Yes, Folks, even the mess we are making is a natural occurence...because we are nature!

Today's so-called Climate Crisis is a Pandemic of Agenda Driven Blather.


Take a moment and realize that no matter what you may think about The Climate Crisis, there are extremely powerful groups vying for control of this situation right now.

These organizations are well connected in Washington Politics, and are positioning themselves for the upcoming power struggle.

A power struggle over The Nation's Power ...is what's really going on in the so-called Halls of Power.



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Learn how THE ENVIRONMENT GAME arrives at such conclusions as...

ACO2 is a Man-Made Climate Crisis Smoke Screen...Confusion to the Enemy.

All the blather and scare tactics come down to one simple issue.

Not if The Climate Crisis is real, but who's version will be acknowledged and Accepted as Law.

Who's plan will win?

That's why it's "The Quest for Climate Supremacy".

The mere concept of dissident factions competing over control of Earth's Climate is so amazingly ridiculous that even the wildest Sci-Fi believers would reject it as preposterous.

Yet... It's happening right now at the highest levels of World Government.

....................CLIMATE CLOWNS AND ECO FLACKS GALORE...................

Pay attention, Kids...you are the ones who will be living with these decisions!


The ISM of Environmental Politics.

My interest in Humanity's relationship with Earth's Environment goes way back.

You might say I have been a Tree Hugger since before there were Tree Huggers.

As for Politics, it has always seemed to me that in the Art of Compromise, the most compromised individuals reach the top.

And we folow their lead...what does that say for us?

When this latest round of Eco Capitalism by a bunch of agenda driven dillettantes began in earnest, early in 2007, I jumped at the chance to add my point if view to the mix.

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As the issue continues to clear, conclusions and observations will appear at THE ENVIRONMENT GAME...this is the place for THE FUTURE.


Below is from an introductory letter, describing my thoughts on the future, to Faith Popcorn's Brainreserve...from NYT advert "Wanted...Writer/Thinker"...2.26.90...it's now twenty more years down the road...the future is coming around!

Dear Faith,

I have spent 20 years writing about, thinking of, and creating projects for the future. These projects have evolved from my ongoing research into time honored methods of instilling the human mind with knowledge. From the caves of Altimira, to the click of a TV remote, knowledge has burned its way into the synapses.

For centuries, the light of knowledge has shone on the past, as we have sought to preserve and record. And, now, as the dawn of future knowledge breaks over the horizon, we find ourselves immersed in History and Preservation, and too often fearing the future.

I do not fear the future.

I welcome it.

Perhaps, together we can help to create it...


Note the reference above to TV remote...pre www...this is much better!

Let yourself absorb the tone...increase your chances of winning THE ENVIRONMENT GAME.


As time has gone along, more and more coattail riders, bandwagon jumpers, and epitaph spiffers have decided to speak up.

There are Blogs about Blogs in the Enviro Wacko loop.

The prospect of having access to all this material, laid out for us by a consummate professional in the field, got me fired up over Climate Depot's arrival.

I must admit...most of what I have seen so far is absolutely, mind-bogglingly obtuse.

But it's obtuse with a purpose....good, bad, or otherwise.

The more I see, the more certain I become that my point of view will provide welcome relief from this ...Guilt Trip of all Guilt Trips.

Our Hero, Algore, is SYOG, a Sixty Year Old Guy.

Primo Boomer Material...he is "Of The Age".

Here's the real skinny...

Guilt Trips were all the rage during the 1960s, Algore's formative years.

He must have serious long term guilt from wrestling with his Father's Petro Whore character, while touting himself as the 'leading voice for the environment', over the recent thirty year period.

Exactly the time frame when the Global Village Economy grew exponenetially via the use of Petro Chems...until things began going to hell in a handbasket over Petro Chem Abuse.

Try rationalizing all those ironies.

Tipper must have finally given Algore the nod to go ahead and try laying a guilt trip of his own.

Turns out the SOB is good at it, don'tcha think?


There are plenty of ways to look at this matter.

THE ENVIRONMENT GAME is what I have to offer.


Kineticism is awareness of the energy stored within all objects.
It's value lies in extending that awareness into action.
Kineticism, fully realized, leads to ease of being.
Our drive to remove drudgery, and achieve ease of being, is what got us to here.
All we need now is endless energy.
KINETICISM will help...

...............................TRANSITIONAL HUMANS.............................

Let's call it PetroEvolution.

My fascination with all things Petro Chem began in the late 1960s.

Hood Sailmakers, Marblehead, Mass., was renowned for its unique sailcloth.

The material allowed sails to fill and tighten when underway, holding the trapped air in the ideal position for optimum thrust.

This was a dream come true in the world of sailboat racing, and gave Ted Hood an instant advantage whenever he set out to promote his sails by winning race after race.

The Sail Loft employed part timers during peak seasons, and I managed to get a school vacation job working with a bunch of salty old pros in America's Premier Sail Loft.

The pay was $1.25/hr, but I learned a lot.

How did they make this miraculous material?

Ted Hood's Father, called The Professor, was a manufacturing/research chemist with DuPont.

Simply put, he invented the technique for using a material in which he had proprietary interest via his connection to DuPont.

The unique weave, which allowed the combination of stretch/tighten, was only possible using a developing technique in DuPont's arsenal.

The Professor maneuvered things to his advantage and created Hood Sailmakers with his knowledge.

The end product of this unique process was the early version of what we now know as Aramid Fibre.

In a world as traditional as off-shore sailboat racing, the very thought of using sail cloth made of plastic string was cause for apoplectic seizures.

But, the stuff was friggin' amazing.

Boats felt like they were trying to lift out of the water, and moved at unimagined speeds, with much less effort.

PetroEvolution was off to the races...

Stay Tuned...here's where the action happens...updated as fast as I can put it together...until we get it right...

NOTE... another new word...petroevolution... google

NOTE...RE...Climate Depot...4.30.09...

I continue to follow developments at Morano's 'Finger Pointing Frenzy' with zealous fervor.

It's been a few weeks now, and I am absolutely flabbergasted by the insidiousness of this public lobbying forum.

Every single point of view accessible via Climate Depot is unassailably correct.

Yet, there is total disagreement over everything.

Finger Pointing has become a growth industry.

I think, considering all the Washington connections among the featured players, there must be an Economic Incentive package in the works.

Don't forget...all the revenues generated via these Eco/Enviro Agenda Groups goes toward the GNP...no matter what foolishness they spout!

They are helping out in the best way possible.

Reminding everyone that Finger Pointing is US!

Forge Ahead!

Meanwhile, here's another voice heard from...

From Earth’s point of view...

All that pressurized Petroleum, simmering beneath Earth's crust was becoming distressful...like a boil, or blister.

Nature needed a way to release the pressure without erupting, and spewing steamy, bubbling black goo all over the lush greenery.

It had taken Eons for Earth to get her surface balance just right.

Hundreds of huge Methane Swamps, festering with enormous quantities of Dinosaur Dung, were showing signs of recovery...after the swift and inexplicable demise of the unfortunate reptilian culprits.

The thought of messing things up again was very distressful.

Along comes us and our desire for more, better, faster, faster.

Petrochemical Pollution, and the planet's other current Environmental/Atmospheric problems, are the result of us releasing the Petro Pressure from beneath Earth’s surface allowing it to expand back into the Universe.

Nature works that way...every time.

This time...We are the Catalyst.

Release would have happened eventually in violent, Earth shattering eruptions.

We simply did what came naturally, expedited the process, helped the Earth, got everything we bargained for...and more...way more.

Meet...King Petro Chem...the be all and end all for every Human on Earth today.

During the Reign of King Petro Chem, we've taken things from gleefully watching the first oil well spew all over the place, through use, abuse, and total dependence, to striving for totally efficient comsumption of every drop of Petroleum on Earth...in a single Millennium...doubling our population in the process

King Petro Chem has been good to us.

In return we solved an Earthly problem with much less scarring than would have occurred during the inevitable volcanic activity.

The Symbiosis has worked...'til now!

God job, Folks!...Attaboy us!

Now, we must learn to live with the consequences.

Time to get over it, and Forge Ahead.