............CLIMATE CRISIS JOURNALISM............

The Climate of the Country becomes more threatening with every breath.

There is no more Westward Ho the Wagons.

Our environment stinks, all the good stuff is gone, and we can't just pick up and move on...there's no way out...and no place to go.

"It's gettin' right crowded 'round these here parts, don'tcha think?"

The USofA, a Frontier Nation, has run out of Frontier.


It's not much of a stretch to envision the connection between today's much touted Anthropogenically Generated Atmospheric Climate Crisis and the aforementioned National Malaise.

With nowhere to go, we must improve the local climate, or perish.


Since time began, Humans have resorted to doom and gloom scenarios, all manner of scare tactics, and ultimately, the threat of annihilation to gain control in serious situations.

The situation we are in must be serious, because we are being inundated by all of the above at every moment.

Take note of who stands to gain the most from this course of events.

Today's Climate Crisis Mentality will lead to great profits for Energy Speculators, and perpetuate the mess because we are continuing with the good old...'react/respond until something sticks'...technique.

That's what got us into this mess.

Think NOLA/Katrina when considering crisis solutions proposed by today's Promoters, Pols, and Pundits.

NOTE... click here for Climate Crisis Genesis...the how and why it all began...everything will be clearer after you've seen it.



Welcome to Climate Crisis Journalism...a necessary evil of our time...

Make no mistake about this...

THE ENVIRONMENT GAME is neither refuting, denying, nor encouraging The Climate Crisis in any way, shape, or form.

We are facing so many Global Crises right now, that The Climate Crisis, as promoted...with Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide as the primary villain...is way down the list of problems facing Humanity.

Yet every Nation on Earth is working overtime to deal with the issue.

ACO2 is convenient, easily portrayed, and somewhat understandable to most.

Sulfur Dioxide, Gassified Heavy Metals of all sorts, and the pure, unequivocal filth pumped into Earth's Atmosphere by all manner of Petro Chem/Coal fueled production facilities, and the industries they support, all over the Globe, every moment of every day, are much more immediately dangerous.

But...neither Algore, Richard Branson, nor any of those who have jumped on the Climate Bandwagon in recent months can discuss or explain these dangers, because they do not know the first thing about their subject...except that there is $$$ to be made by creating a fear driven need for what they are pitching.

We are in a serious mess.

Wasting time pointing fingers and laying blame for all the ACO2 is flat out stupid.

Wake up!

Don't be afraid to click around...the left hand images lead to the full course...green text also links...all are clean...no ads, or pop-ups...no malware...just The Real Skinny on today's biggest issues.



Here we sit, toying with our megalomaniacal, sci-fi fantasies of controlling Earth's Climate.

We've endowed ourselves with the awesome power to make or break Humanity's future, while rapidly coming to the realization that we leave horrific scars in our pursuit of whatever it is we choose to pursue.

This is leading us in a direction which will certainly challenge our equally self endowed superior intellect.

Limitless Self Endowed Human Power will save our niche!

Considering the above...

I'm bettin' on Nature to take it's course.

We are, after all, Nature...don'tcha think?

Enjoy the ride.

It'll be bumpy, downhill for much of the way, with twists and turns still unimagined, and there are no seat belts or air bags.

Sounds a little hairy, but it's the only ride in town.

Hang onto your hats, Kids...here we go!




"There has always been expansion...

Now, as we rapidly run out of places, expansion seems impossible.
We have lost a large portion of ourselves.
A basic human need, while not yet extinct, lies dormant.
We run ourselves ragged, trying to prevent extinction of species we've endangered.
This specie...us...is about to become endangered by the loss of expansion from our collective psyche.
We've messed with our own well being.
By now, we should have achieved the awareness to take action.
The ability to do so, is tempered only by willingness.
Yes, even in these treacherous times, with our hackles up, and our nostrils flared, awareness of the balance must be kept in perspective.
Surviving the treacherous times won't matter, without all five needs intact.
With a basic motivator lost, the survivors won't be Homo Sapiens.
They'll be some new, unrecognizable, devolved branch of Humanity.
Even without the dreaded Nuclear Armageddon, Homo Sapiens is well on the way to extinction, by our own foolishness.
History is.
The Future can include escalating levels of clarity, leading to a brighter outlook, or become pure, straight to the brain, agenda driven hocus-pocus.
Hunker in the bunker, or cast off for ports unknown.
It's our call."

...above is an excerpt from my first posting RE today's Climate Crisis...
1.20/07...events have run their course in the Climate Crisis Development stage for over two years...The Climate Crisis is now full blown...and all we have done is hunker in groups and point fingers at one another...

It seems we don't have to cast off anywhere to find ourselves in ports unknown.

We're lost here!

If Humans had seen this a century ago, we wouldn't be in this mess.

But...it didn't happen, and we are...

...click here to learn more...



There are so many crises facing us as we Go Global that I’m just gonna lump ‘em all into the Global Crisis Crisis

If your life has recently been affected by any headline containing the word Crisis, you are being Globalized.

Get used to these sensations...they are not going to go away.

Long term investments in the Earth Mall are going to pay off, even if we have to encapsulated the Planet in an Anthropogenic Shield.

Right now, financial speculators, with big time, Earth altering plans, are vying for political clout in The Climate Crisis.

Reports you see and hear regarding today’s Climate Crisis have little to do with concerns over ACO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Images of noxious fumes billowing into the air, with rundown residential housing in the background, are as predictably alluring as a car crash.

We always look...stimulating every Kodak Moment/Generic Emotion in us...every time.

Give this a second thought, realize that the noxious images are part of a smoke screen, and Forge Ahead!


Any American Male born between the end of WWII, and 1950 automatically qualifies as SYOG.

It's all about attitude, common experience, and a sneaking suspicion that something's amiss.

If you are one, you know it.

If you aren't, it's the guys with that 'Deer in the Headlights' look, scurrying about wildly trying to fulfill what's left of The Dream.


Not gonna happen, Fellas.

Not only is The Dream dissipating at an alarming rate, we are leaving behind the biggest mess in History.

I say, give it all to the Kids...they gotta live with what happens!


Boycott any product clearly aimed at us...from anything marketed by Dennis Hopper ( the Ad Game's prototypical SYOG ), to any Enviro Pitch made by another SYOG ( Algore is leading that pack, but Dubbya, Slick Willie, et al will also have their say ).

To begin...don't buy any piss controlling, boner building, or hair restoring medications, any furnishings or gadgets with ads featuring us sucking down a brewskie, sitting before the ( also boycotted ) big screen, watching endless re-runs of some long forgotten Super Bowl...continue to drive whatever you have...and cancel your season tickets to everything and anything.

You get the idea.

While this may seem extreme, it will last a very short time...just until everyone realizes that we are serious...then...suddenly...everything on Earth will change.

Without our $$$ Input...the wheels fall off The New Economic Imperative.

There's a lot riding on us to spend as predicted.

We are the most cleary targeted, totally predictable audience ever.

Our needs and desires have been demographically tracked and test-triggered by marketeers since Davy Crockett and Elvis were newcomers.

The marketeers know what we want...they told us what it would be in advance...after studying what we fell for as Kids...clever devils, eh?

Imagine turning it all around, and using the power to improve the lives of our children and those yet born...by simply going without the new Barcalounger for a few more months...and telling everyone who'll listen why you are doing it!

Making the wheels fall off completely is much more effective than squeaking them for attention.

Once this is established, we'll present our offering to the Kids...and hope they buy it...for everyone's sake.

Don't worry...I have this covered...just get into it for a while.

Our prospects will improve rapidly...and the Barcalounger will soon be in the Discount Warehouse, next to the Big Screen...with FREE BEER and munchies, served by roller skating Car Hops, while we shop.


contact... smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste

More to follow... stay tuned...


Everyone now understands that their actions have an impact.

We’ve demystified things, and empowered ourselves.

What to do remains foggy.

But, we’re a clever bunch...we’ll come up with something.


Start by turning understanding into realization.

Once we figger things out, nothing can stop us!


...........We’re takin' on Mutha Naycha with ECOBABBLEISM...........


Environmental Issues are all part of the Natural Course of Events.

If they weren't, they wouldn't happen...they couldn't happen.

Yes, Folks, even the mess we are making is a natural occurence...because we are nature!

Today's so-called Climate Crisis is a Pandemic of Agenda Driven Blather.


Take a moment and realize that no matter what you may think about The Climate Crisis, there are extremely powerful groups vying for control of this situation right now.

These organizations are well connected in Washington Politics, and are positioning themselves for the upcoming power struggle.

A power struggle over The Nation's Power ...is what's really going on in the so-called Halls of Power.



To catch up on the process, click from top to bottom...oldest posting is first on the list.

It's worth the few minutes of your time...you got this far...you must be interested.

Learn how THE ENVIRONMENT GAME arrives at such conclusions as...

ACO2 is a Man-Made Climate Crisis Smoke Screen...Confusion to the Enemy.

All the blather and scare tactics come down to one simple issue.

Not if The Climate Crisis is real, but who's version will be acknowledged and Accepted as Law.

Who's plan will win?

That's why it's "The Quest for Climate Supremacy".

The mere concept of dissident factions competing over control of Earth's Climate is so amazingly ridiculous that even the wildest Sci-Fi believers would reject it as preposterous.

Yet... It's happening right now at the highest levels of World Government.

....................CLIMATE CLOWNS AND ECO FLACKS GALORE...................

Pay attention, Kids...you are the ones who will be living with these decisions!


The ISM of Environmental Politics.

My interest in Humanity's relationship with Earth's Environment goes way back.

You might say I have been a Tree Hugger since before there were Tree Huggers.

As for Politics, it has always seemed to me that in the Art of Compromise, the most compromised individuals reach the top.

And we folow their lead...what does that say for us?

When this latest round of Eco Capitalism by a bunch of agenda driven dillettantes began in earnest, early in 2007, I jumped at the chance to add my point if view to the mix.

Climate Crisis Journalism...the early years...click to start from the beginning.

Feel free to click away...images to your left link to valuable background material.

If you get lost in the confusion, click back here.

As the issue continues to clear, conclusions and observations will appear at THE ENVIRONMENT GAME...this is the place for THE FUTURE.


Below is from an introductory letter, describing my thoughts on the future, to Faith Popcorn's Brainreserve...from NYT advert "Wanted...Writer/Thinker"...2.26.90...it's now twenty more years down the road...the future is coming around!

Dear Faith,

I have spent 20 years writing about, thinking of, and creating projects for the future. These projects have evolved from my ongoing research into time honored methods of instilling the human mind with knowledge. From the caves of Altimira, to the click of a TV remote, knowledge has burned its way into the synapses.

For centuries, the light of knowledge has shone on the past, as we have sought to preserve and record. And, now, as the dawn of future knowledge breaks over the horizon, we find ourselves immersed in History and Preservation, and too often fearing the future.

I do not fear the future.

I welcome it.

Perhaps, together we can help to create it...


Note the reference above to TV remote...pre www...this is much better!

Let yourself absorb the tone...increase your chances of winning THE ENVIRONMENT GAME.


As time has gone along, more and more coattail riders, bandwagon jumpers, and epitaph spiffers have decided to speak up.

There are Blogs about Blogs in the Enviro Wacko loop.

The prospect of having access to all this material, laid out for us by a consummate professional in the field, got me fired up over Climate Depot's arrival.

I must admit...most of what I have seen so far is absolutely, mind-bogglingly obtuse.

But it's obtuse with a purpose....good, bad, or otherwise.

The more I see, the more certain I become that my point of view will provide welcome relief from this ...Guilt Trip of all Guilt Trips.

Our Hero, Algore, is SYOG, a Sixty Year Old Guy.

Primo Boomer Material...he is "Of The Age".

Here's the real skinny...

Guilt Trips were all the rage during the 1960s, Algore's formative years.

He must have serious long term guilt from wrestling with his Father's Petro Whore character, while touting himself as the 'leading voice for the environment', over the recent thirty year period.

Exactly the time frame when the Global Village Economy grew exponenetially via the use of Petro Chems...until things began going to hell in a handbasket over Petro Chem Abuse.

Try rationalizing all those ironies.

Tipper must have finally given Algore the nod to go ahead and try laying a guilt trip of his own.

Turns out the SOB is good at it, don'tcha think?


There are plenty of ways to look at this matter.

THE ENVIRONMENT GAME is what I have to offer.


Kineticism is awareness of the energy stored within all objects.
It's value lies in extending that awareness into action.
Kineticism, fully realized, leads to ease of being.
Our drive to remove drudgery, and achieve ease of being, is what got us to here.
All we need now is endless energy.
KINETICISM will help...

...............................TRANSITIONAL HUMANS.............................

Let's call it PetroEvolution.

My fascination with all things Petro Chem began in the late 1960s.

Hood Sailmakers, Marblehead, Mass., was renowned for its unique sailcloth.

The material allowed sails to fill and tighten when underway, holding the trapped air in the ideal position for optimum thrust.

This was a dream come true in the world of sailboat racing, and gave Ted Hood an instant advantage whenever he set out to promote his sails by winning race after race.

The Sail Loft employed part timers during peak seasons, and I managed to get a school vacation job working with a bunch of salty old pros in America's Premier Sail Loft.

The pay was $1.25/hr, but I learned a lot.

How did they make this miraculous material?

Ted Hood's Father, called The Professor, was a manufacturing/research chemist with DuPont.

Simply put, he invented the technique for using a material in which he had proprietary interest via his connection to DuPont.

The unique weave, which allowed the combination of stretch/tighten, was only possible using a developing technique in DuPont's arsenal.

The Professor maneuvered things to his advantage and created Hood Sailmakers with his knowledge.

The end product of this unique process was the early version of what we now know as Aramid Fibre.

In a world as traditional as off-shore sailboat racing, the very thought of using sail cloth made of plastic string was cause for apoplectic seizures.

But, the stuff was friggin' amazing.

Boats felt like they were trying to lift out of the water, and moved at unimagined speeds, with much less effort.

PetroEvolution was off to the races...

Stay Tuned...here's where the action happens...updated as fast as I can put it together...until we get it right...

NOTE... another new word...petroevolution... google

NOTE...RE...Climate Depot...4.30.09...

I continue to follow developments at Morano's 'Finger Pointing Frenzy' with zealous fervor.

It's been a few weeks now, and I am absolutely flabbergasted by the insidiousness of this public lobbying forum.

Every single point of view accessible via Climate Depot is unassailably correct.

Yet, there is total disagreement over everything.

Finger Pointing has become a growth industry.

I think, considering all the Washington connections among the featured players, there must be an Economic Incentive package in the works.

Don't forget...all the revenues generated via these Eco/Enviro Agenda Groups goes toward the GNP...no matter what foolishness they spout!

They are helping out in the best way possible.

Reminding everyone that Finger Pointing is US!

Forge Ahead!

Meanwhile, here's another voice heard from...

From Earth’s point of view...

All that pressurized Petroleum, simmering beneath Earth's crust was becoming distressful...like a boil, or blister.

Nature needed a way to release the pressure without erupting, and spewing steamy, bubbling black goo all over the lush greenery.

It had taken Eons for Earth to get her surface balance just right.

Hundreds of huge Methane Swamps, festering with enormous quantities of Dinosaur Dung, were showing signs of recovery...after the swift and inexplicable demise of the unfortunate reptilian culprits.

The thought of messing things up again was very distressful.

Along comes us and our desire for more, better, faster, faster.

Petrochemical Pollution, and the planet's other current Environmental/Atmospheric problems, are the result of us releasing the Petro Pressure from beneath Earth’s surface allowing it to expand back into the Universe.

Nature works that way...every time.

This time...We are the Catalyst.

Release would have happened eventually in violent, Earth shattering eruptions.

We simply did what came naturally, expedited the process, helped the Earth, got everything we bargained for...and more...way more.

Meet...King Petro Chem...the be all and end all for every Human on Earth today.

During the Reign of King Petro Chem, we've taken things from gleefully watching the first oil well spew all over the place, through use, abuse, and total dependence, to striving for totally efficient comsumption of every drop of Petroleum on Earth...in a single Millennium...doubling our population in the process

King Petro Chem has been good to us.

In return we solved an Earthly problem with much less scarring than would have occurred during the inevitable volcanic activity.

The Symbiosis has worked...'til now!

God job, Folks!...Attaboy us!

Now, we must learn to live with the consequences.

Time to get over it, and Forge Ahead.



..................MY CARBON FOOTPRINT...................


Religiofervent Blather being spewed by true believers in the Quest for Climate Supremacy.

There's not much question that Earth's Climate will change...always has...always will.

So, all sides in The Climate Crisis proponent/denier battle are betting on a sure thing.

The 'told you so, now we do things my way factor' is what they hope to control with their fear planting.

One thing all participants, on whatever side, have in common is projecting said fear factor.

The issue before us is...Which agenda will perservere?

The winner claims Climate Supremacy...control over what we do, or don't do in our incessant battle for Mankind's Dominion over Nature.

What a concept...

Project the idea that our Natural Environment is a Diminishing Resource, much like Petro Chems.

Everyone knows how the Diminishing Petro Chem Scam is working out.

Now we have Global Speculators vying for King of the Hill in THE ENVIRONMENT GAME.

The same type of people, with the same values...it ain't the oil, it's the Oil Man...oil just sits there until OilMantality takes over.

Now we face Oilmantality in the Stratosphere...YIKES!

Who's blather do you believe?

It's going to matter.

Decisions made now, based upon all this foolishness, will result in GeoEngineering projects galore...which young people will inherit and pay for until Hell finally does freeze from the latest potential problem...Universal Cooling...be scared...be very scared!

Here's an example of something real...

Obama has already said the potential for darkening the sky with some sort of Anthropogenic Shield in defense of Earth against the Sun is worth looking into.

COMING SOON...to a star system near you...EARTH MALL...totally enclosed, Global shopping at your fingertips...every product, from every nation...available now...24/7/365...don't miss it!

Close to reality...don'tcha think?

There are 'serious' scientists pitching this nonsense, and the big dogs are listening because none of them have any better idea of what to do than you or I.


...........................HOW WE ROLL...........................


from an earlier posting...for example...

"Pushing today's version of impending Doom and Gloom onto Kids who toy with onscreen Doom and Gloom Fantasies for endless hours, and call it fun, is akin to handing out Heroin Laced Goodies in the schoolyard.

Actually, it's even worse.

The Heroin Laced Goodies in the schoolyard are intended to create future customers, with needs they don't understand, but must fulfill by looking up the Pusherman.

The Doom and Gloom shysters have already prepared their future customers by hooking them on Electronic Eye Candy.

The need is strong, already there, and the electronic gadgetry is ubiquitous.

If you Kids want to continue to enjoy all the goodies, prepare to play along, and make other sacrifices.

Like taking up space with zero sense of worth...scurrying about wildly, hoping someone else is cleaning up the mess, and counting the seconds until escape back into the electronic goo-goo is possible.


Forge Ahead!

smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste


.......HUMANGASM WAVE for EARTH DAY........

Harmony in your surroundings starts within you.

Every one of us exists because of Man-Made Environments.

Any Human who does not, ain't readin' this.

So, let's remove the rancorous cacophany from our every thought, and start an
Earth Day Humangasm Wave that continues to encircle the planet forever.

Here's the plan...starting right now...until forever...

Every day, at exactly 4:00 PM, no matter where you may be, exhale a huge, exaltative, Anthropogenic CO2 saturated breath.

That way, with time zones figgered in, the Humangasm Wave will ripple through Earth's Atmosphere...in a snowball effect...from East to West...ad infinitum.

The US Eastern Time Zone will have the greatest disharmony in the early days.

Out over the Mid-Pacific, there will be little or nothing added as the wave dissipates...with one little joy blip over Hawaii.

The flattened wave will reach The Pacific Rim with little, or no oomph.

Then, with half Earth's Human population in reach, things will pick up again.

The wave will blend and flow...eventually engulfing us all in a surge of perpetual good feelings...even NYC and DC will soon be humming along smoothly...feeling the cumulative vibe from each and every Humangasm as it tickles even the hardest hearted m'fer alive.

Plus...it wouldn't surprise me to learn that all the Genuine Humangasm Generated ACO2 scours the upper atmosphere, and precipitates back down to Earth...greening things up the Man-Made way.

That's how we make the whole shebang into one big, happy Anthropogenic Environment.

Exhale for all you are worth...then Forge Ahead!


...is the best thing that has ever happened.

It is going to prove, once and for all, that Humans can be led to muddied water, but cannot be forced to drink.

resolving THE CLIMATE CRISIS in a nutshell...

We have recently developed all sorts of nifty gadgets for examining our environment, recording our findings, and prognosticating ad infinitum.

As always, these gadgets have to pay, or they fall by the wayside.

MEMO...Algore's desk...a few years ago...

"Let's use the New Tech to frighten the populace into listening to our blather about Man's effect on Earth's Environment...always stressing the negative.

This will polarize and confuse everyone.

Countless new industries will spring up around the ensuing conflict.

Resulting in all sides needing our input to carry on...making the New Tech indispensable."

THE CLIMATE CRISIS is a marketing scam.

Unfortunately, it plays off many very real Global Crises, and will result in far reaching, poorly thought out, long lasting effects.

This should not be ignored.

Panicked reactions and responses always leave things worse, until solutions for the screw ups are devised...etc...etc.

It's always been our way.

Same ol', same ol'...new boss, same as the old boss...you know the way it is.

Humans have altered the environment to suit since day one.

Those who adapt to the altered surroundings flourish.

We are all the product of altered surroundings.

It's way too late to go back.

We do have the ability to change the same ol', same ol' act...if we so choose.


THE ENVIRONMENT GAME is not a daily posting w/ comments "Blog" in the true sense.

I'm in the middle of hardware/software transition, and unable to access my domain for uploads.

Using Blogger is a simple solution.

smythspace.tv will become the permanent home of THE ENVIRONMENT GAME.

There's plenty of background material you can enjoy while we sort out this mess.

Don't be afraid to scroll the pages and click around...most images link...all are clean...no ads, or pop-ups...no malware.

You'll come away with a brighter outlook...BETCHA!

Earth Day warmup...4.21.09

GAIA TWO.....................................

Here's some material from Earth Days of Yore...still rings true...c. 1982...

Nature is represented here as a young sapling, in a primeval forest...Willow, or Aspen...quaking in a gentle breeze, slender, supple, green, and bent to make a snare.

Along comes a rabbit.


Nature and Mankind co-operate. Mankind survives.


The Human who made the snare, to catch the rabbit, to feed his family, is hungry again. The kids are screaming. His mate is in a fury.

This Human goes to the same tree over and over again. Soon, his scent pervades the area. His snare works once in a while. He catches hedgehogs and water rats.


The snare turns up empty every time. His family despises the hunter.

But, he never thinks to move to a new tree.

Nature has become his enemy. He bends and bends the sapling, angrily wrestling with his snare.

One day...as he struggles with the no longer so sapling, sapling, his foot becomes entangled in the snare.

The sapling is now a strong young tree...a snapling.

The persistent, but not too clever Human hung by his ankles for three days, until the vines he had used for his snare rotted and broke.

He fell on his head.

Starving, semi-conscious, barely sentient, and ever more intolerant of nature's ways, he spent the next two days crawling back to his cave.

There, his starving wife and children attempted to nurse him back to health.

He was their only hope for survival.

I don't know if those humans survived. But, I think they did.

I think they proliferated.

I think their progeny exist to this day.

smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste



So far, my favorite effect is the emergence of young Eco-Nazis.

A bunch of SYOG ( sixty year old guys ) get together and decide they ain't missin' out on the Big Screen, Barcalounger, Ball and Claw Bathtub with a four hour boner experience.

And when it's time to run for Heineken, do it in the Escalade.

Somebody else is going to have to deal with the mess we're leaving behind.

SYOG invent Eco-Nazis...Youthful EnviroSpouters in Tye Dye...

Once the idea took hold, devising and executing a plan was simple.

Use Toons and Tunes, combined with frenetic images of Doom and Gloom to get the attention of young people.

Scare the livin' B'Jaysus out of 'em with alarming images of Earth in the balance...knowing that these young Folks are already "Image Conditioned".

They've received a steady diet of apoplectic neurospam* since they first opened their eyes.

Somehow, somewhere, in that deepest Aboriginal place, young people realize the mess, while not their fault, is certainly their problem...but, they are so easily programmed, that getting them to all flounder together so SYOG can fulfill their peurile fantasies, has been a piece of cake...so far...


*NOTE...I just googled 'apoplectic neurospam'...nothing there...coined right here...on the fly...this is getting good...stay tuned...

Climate Depot is Homo Sapiens record of Earth's final verdant gasp with insights into Homo Technus plans for the future.
google 'homo technus'...we coined a new term...thanks, Marc...




The hard part's over.

Climate Crisis Journalism is a growth industry.

Don't miss...

Climate Depot ...Homo Sapiens record of Earth's final verdant gasp with insights into Homo Technus plans for the future.

Ceaseless banter about negative Global Effects from Anthropogenic this and Man Made that will not only provide us with valuable 411 on Earth's condition, but the competition for wildest solution is certain to provide some truly incredible diversions.

I can't wait to watch "Steam Vent Wildcatters", a Discovery Channel series depicting the exploits and mis-adventures of several early Pioneers drilling and blasting away at the Ocean floor, attempting to contain roiling plumes of seawater infused with Sulfur, Methane and other volatile elements.

Imagine the unbelieveable colors on your screen, as the toxic geyser spews from the Seabed.

Too bad 'Smell-O-Vision' didn't take off, eh?

As far as my contribution goes...remember...

There are no rules in The Environment Game.

We'll have to make it up as we go along.

Nobody has ever played this game...until now!

Iacta Alea Est!



Here's the plan...

Climate Depot is exactly what we need right now...

It's like having a constantly updated Climate Crisis Industry Report at your fingertips.

You will not believe the amount of agenda driven gibberish being pitched by climate alarmists and their detractors.

No matter what you think, believe, wish or hope for in the world of Climate Fear, there is someone on your side, and at least one someone opposed to your every breath.

Click the link...give it some time...bathe your senses in the muddied waters...then click back here.

When you get back, let your mind drink freely from the clear, clean, constantly refined, free flowing infostream.

Your visit here will be a treat.

Cognitive response centers always respond positively to bright, ever changing impressions of the topic at hand.

How do we confront this situation before things get worse?

This method of instilling the Human Mind with essential knowledge has worked since Cave Painting.

You will gain deeper insight, and have a brighter outlook as we prepare to...

Refine the onslaught of Ecobabbleism ( Climate Crisis Journalism ) until understanding brightens the horizon

This will give us an opportunity to break the React/Respond Cycle ( think NOLA ), foresee some of the problems looming on the currently darkened horizon, and prevent them from occurring.


NOTE...2.6.07 is the day I first heard about the connection between Richard Branson and Algore.

The thought of these two characters becoming known respectively as The Smiling Face of Space and The Friendly Eco Guru sticks in my craw, and remains the primary motivation behind this presentation.

Branson, after all, made his money as a Vinyl Shill ( Record Company Shyster ), and still relies heavily on every Petro Chem Product known to man in Virgin's quest for Global Web Superiority...yet he proposes, but will never award, the Virgin Earth Challenge...beyond disengenuous, eh?

Algore is a washed up Pol who has accomplished every washed up Pol's dream...turn what's left of the ol' cache' into a new meal ticket.

He certainly has set the bar at astonishing new levels for capitalizing on losing at The Art of Compromise.

But, before we give him a full attaboy, don't forget, he's always been surrounded by the Old Pros in this racket.

Algore's Father was constantly referred to by Big Oil King Armand Hammer, of Occidental Petroleum as 'in my back pocket'.

Plus, Tipper orchestrated the most blatant, full frontal assault on The First Amendment in History...just to prove she could muster support for her repressed visions.

What's this guy really have in mind?

With these facts in hand, it didn't take much to figure out what they were up to with Live Earth, Inconvenient Truth, and the ensuing hype.

Use 'Toons and Tunes' to sway young people's attitudes in a direction which profits not only Branson and Algore, but all the other epitaph spiffing, coattail riding, bandwagon jumping, eco scammers still to come.

The posting below was written on the fly.

I attempted to touch on as much as possible, introduce concepts for the record, and fire myself up to carry on with this effort.

As you read, don't forget that the piece below was written over two years ago...the emergence of Climate Crisis Journalism was still in the future...enjoy reading The News Before it Happened.


I have good news. It's nobody's fault. Get over it. Forge ahead.

Here comes ecobabble...

With guys like Richard Branson, Algore, and Ted Turner on the case, we should have nothing to worry about, eh?

The Rebel Billionaire, Lurch the Internet Inventor, and The Mouth of the South save the planet.


I don't know about you, but I feel better.

I predict blue skys, green grass, clean oceans and birds chirping all around...coming soon...to a planet near you...send compost now...things should be ready in a few million years...buckle up, here we go...

Before these guys turn their outlooks into gospel, I'd like to go on the record.

They represent The Guilty Party.

Branson admits he got involved out of guilt.

I heard him say so on The Weather Channel.

Turner's been doing some bizarre penance ever since he married Janey.

As far as Lurch goes...that's some wacky dude...can you say, agenda?

Guilt ridden, agenda driven, Johnny Come Latelys with access to the media...great...

Here's how it looks objectively...guilt free...

As time passes, and the level of interest rises, so will the confusion over which way is best.

Special interest groups, and profiteers will see to that.

Confusion to the Enemy is a tried and true method.

No matter where you choose to stand on the issue, you're someone's enemy...so give it your full attention...don't allow confusion to reign...

With this in mind...a few simple basics...as a point of reference...

We cannot destroy the planet.

We can only destroy our niche on the planet.

The symbiosis is out of whack.

Recognize this.

We're the ones on the take. We have to make the effort.

Simply put...

Don't delude yourself about Saving the Earth.

This is about saving us.

Earth does not care.

If she did, she'd probably figger, "Hmmm. I was better off before they got here. Things were calming down."

Human Generated Global Warming can only be dealt with by ceasing the use of fossil fuels.

This is within the realm of possibility, if we're serious.

While considering this, realize that the most populous, most rapidly developing nations on the planet are early Industrial Age in much of their development.

Fossil fuels are the fuel of the Industrial Age.

What are they going to do?

We'll have to adopt a true Humanitywide Global Outlook, realize that we are fighting for survival, and accept, what, in today's world, will seem like serious hardships...starting now...

Otherwise, we start adapting to climate change, dwindling population, and greatly diminished personal freedom, as we battle over the ever scarcer supply...of just about everything...

It's as simple as that.

Change...or humans will be at war over diminishing resources until the end of time...you can take that to the bank...

Wasting decades reacting, responding, studying, conferencing, and trying to undo the past is foolish.

It's always been our way. It too must change. It's a luxury we can no longer afford.

Studies showing thirty years to serious consequences are flapdoodle.

If you believe that our actions brought about these potentially serious consequences, you know that they're serious right now.

What's done, is done, and cannot be undone. Take what we've learned. Acknowledge that there are tough decisions.

Change, or not.

Just don't get stuck nowhere.

Make the tough decisons. This is no time for fence sitting.

Also, don't forget that the Environmental Movement did not start last week.

Solutions, though costly, exist...thanks to the efforts of the early, Pioneering Eco-Folks...

Take what these New Ecobabbleists pitch with a grain of salt.

They'll have to get all their most valuable information from people they've historically put down as granola eatin', tree huggin', unwashed, etc...the spin should be fascinating...the art of compromise...strange bedfellows, and all that...

Ecobabble is also a great diversion to terrorism...we'll all feel better trying to stop Global Warming...after all, we can't do anything about terrorism, except fret...get our minds on something new...

more to follow...



Think of the film with Danny DeVito selling Aluminum Siding.

If you've never seen TIN MEN, picture some early sixties, lounge-lizard type from Baltimore, sitting in your home, peddling the newly emerging technology of Lifetime Aluminum Siding.

We all know how well that worked out.

Now apply your sleazeball vision to those peddling The Climate Crisis as an excuse for developing all sorts of ridiculous 'emerging technologies', in an effort to Save Planet Earth.

The con in both cases being...things are desperate...everyone's gotta get new everything...immediately...at all cost.

Take a deep breath...exhale voluminously...roar a little if it helps...have yourself a HUMANGASM and stick around.

We're gonna get to the root of the problem, by presenting Climate News in an objective fashion.

For starters, Planet Earth is in absolute zero danger from our actions.

We are in danger from our actions.

Our niche is threatened with so many crises, from so many directions, that heads are spinning all over the planet.

I call it The Global Crisis Crisis.


For now, let's stick to my favorite topic... Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide (ACO2)

Oh, yeah...every breath of Hot Air spewed by every agenda driven Politician, Promoter, and Pooh-Bahh blathering about The Climate Crisis creates more ACO2.


Western Civilization is under attack from every direction, while Algorites train youthful EcoNazis to rat out their parents for using hot water in the laundry.


It's all in the game...THE ENVIRONMENT GAME...hang on...we're gettin' there...


contact... smythspace@gmail.com